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Do I Need To Be Using iCloud?

I have been using Macs for past 25 years – now in mid 80’s and not terribly swift with computers – my question regards iCloud – do I need to know about it and use it? At present, I use My Passport For Mac with external HD for backup.

I am ignorant of iCloud, and ignore/avoid it.

Just concerned that I might be making mistake by not using iCloud for anything and would like concurring, or otherwise, advice.
Bill Avellino

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    3 years ago

    You don't "need" to use anything. iCloud is a great service with lots of benefits and features. If you want those features, then you should try it. Also not that it isn't just one thing. You can use iCloud Drive for instance, and not iCloud Photos. Or vice-versa. You can keep some files in iCloud Drive to see them on your other devices, and others local to your Mac only. You can use it to keep your contacts, calendars, reminders and notes synced between devices and nothing else. Or just your passwords. Or just bookmarks. Or any combination. It isn't all-or-none, you can pick and choose.

    Here are some tutorials to learn more:

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