Forum Question: Editing App and Podcast Info in iTunes

I was wondering if you can edit the Genre-Info for app’s and the Category-Info for podcasts in iTunes, b/c I like to view my apps and podcasts in these options but there are so many different genres and categories out there that this view isn’t very helpful at the moment.

— Nick

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    10/31/09 @ 9:55 am

    I guess the reason that you can’t change this information is because it denotes its placement in the iTunes store. I can see why Apple doesn’t make this info editable as it would be confusing when apps and podcasts get updated. Your listings would no longer match the iTunes listings. An app would be one genre in your collection and another in the store.

    Nick Zo
    1/31/10 @ 11:52 am

    Well I’m able to edit it with songs and they can be one genre in my library and another in the store, so why can’t I do it with apps?

    3/8/10 @ 4:47 pm

    Iknow i want to really have to edit apps
    cuz some apps the category is wrong
    and some apps the pic is weird

    not me apple h8s me

    9/12/10 @ 10:56 am

    I doubt if you can edit app info, unless someone knows how to crack his way around it (long way I tell you).

    Reply to Nick Zo:
    “Well I’m able to edit it with songs and they can be one genre in my library and another in the store, so why can’t I do it with apps?”

    I had the exact same question, the answer is because you can have any random song on your pc, and ur able to sync it to your phone, it doesn’t have to be even bought legally, let alone from itunes. However, you can’t just get any random iphone app on your pc somehow and add it to the library and sync it to ur phone, apple is really really picky about apps. You can’t even add an app you developed to your phone, it has to be downloaded through itunes, all apps must come directly from itunes, apple cares about its phones more than the users who bought them.

    It’s not about the info being identical with the app in the store, it’s about you not having any privilege to mess around with anything about the apps, not even its info, cause who knows maybe letting users mess with the app info can open a door to messing with the app and hence screwing the phone (apple is of course totally ignoring the fact that iphones get jail-broken every split second).

    I’m just a user like you are, got iPhone 3G, tons of apps, wish I could edit the kind of the phone and sort them by kind, man that would be a dream.

    If anyone knows a way around it, (without hacks or jailbreaks) please share.

    P.S if someone’s upgrading to ios 4.1, make sure you backup ur contacts, my new contacts got lost in the process. :(

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