Forum Question: Episode 558 – GarageBand Voice Recording – When to use Voice vs. Podcast

Regarding episode 558, when would someone use voice recording project vs. the podcast project type. In other words:
1. When would a podcaster use one or the other project type
2. When would a non-podcaster use one or the other type (what type of use cases)?

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    6/4/11 @ 12:46 pm

    The main difference is the special podcast track that appears at the top of a podcast project, as opposed to a voice project. This is what allows you to add markers, artwork and URLs. You have to export as an enhanced podcast for those to be present in the final product (as opposed to a plain .mp3).

    Eric Salas
    7/6/11 @ 12:11 am

    I’ve been watching your videos for a couple hours but cant find anything on how to delete a portion of a recorded voice track in GarageBand 11.

    Hre’s the scenario, Im creating a voice track and have recorded 5 minutes of audio. There are a couple coughs and pauses that I want to edit out. In the old version you just go to the edit window select the area you want to cut out and hit the delete key.

    How do I do that in this new version. Much Thanks for your help.

      7/6/11 @ 1:16 am

      You can still do that. But it is harder now that there are more ways to manipulate the audio at the bottom. Give it another try and watch how you select the area to delete.
      You can also split the audio clip at the start and end of the space, then remve that portion.
      Or, leave it all in. But manipulate the volume so it lowers to nothing for the coughs and then back up again right after.

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