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Expand or Collapse All In Finder

Sometimes when I’m in Finder using List View, I see all my folders and subfolders – literally hundreds of nested folders. It’s almost impossible to navigate. I can collapse them individually, but that’s a pain. Is there a keyboard shortcut to collapse all subfolders? Also, is there a shortcut to expand all folders?
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    7 years ago

    So there are many shortcuts that help you expand or collapse multiple folders. In list view, you can expand folders so you have multiple levels visible at once. For instance, you can have folders A, B, C and D visible. Expand A and you may have AA, AB, AC and AD visible under that. But if you Option+click the expand/collapse triangle for A, instead of just revealing AA, AB, AC and AD it will also open them so you can see the contents. Same to close them. So Option+click will expand/collapse all folders INSIDE a folder in List View.
    But how about all of the folders at the same level? This is what you are asking. You want to expand/collapse A, B, C and D all at once.
    You can do that with a few keystrokes. You probably already knew that in addition to clicking on the expand/collapse triangle that you can use Command+Right Arrow to expand and Command+Left Arrow to collapse the selected folder in List View.
    So you can combine that with Command+A to select all. For instance, you can select folder A. Then Command+A will select folders A, B, C, and D. Then Command+Right Arrow will expand them all. Command+Left Arrow would collapse them all.

    7 years ago

    Thx! Precisely what I needed!

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