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Garage Band possible corrupted files?

I was a good boy when I restored my Mac Mini, and backup up everything (2 times) prior to erasing the disk.
I reinstalled everything with original disks, ran all of the updates, and I am now keeping my files on external disks.
HOWEVER, I have about 50 songs in Garage Band that I have recorded, and most of them are playing back muffled. Not all tracks are like that, but there seems to be no consistency as to what’s muffled and what isn’t. ALSO, previously I had created iTunes versions of some of my songs – I was listening to 1 last night, and an entire Piano piece is not playing that I know for a fact was there before?
I’m really baffled with this – are you able to help? Thanks a lot!
Mike K

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    10 years ago

    I don’t think they are corrupt. Most likely they wouldn’t open or play back at all if that was the case.
    I’d try restoring them again, manually, from one of your backups. Perhaps something didn’t get copied over.
    Select one of the songs that isn’t working, and just try copying that again.
    It is possible that maybe you had some tracks linked to external audio? Maybe? And maybe those links have been broken — it doesn’t know where those pieces are.
    Nothing to do but experiment with what you have and try different things.

    9 years ago

    how do u delete a corrupted flie on garageband

      9 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. You can select and delete a section of a song in GarageBand ,but you don’t delete files with GarageBand. You can use the Finder to throw any file you want in the Trash.

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