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Google Search On Selected PDF Text

Hi everyone,

Often I have to highlight some text in a pdf file, then copy it, open a safari window, go to google, and paste the text, so that I perform a search.
Is there any way to right click on the highlighted text, and in the menu provided, add an option “Search to google” or something?

Thanks in Advance!

Kind Regards,

— Maria Kinget

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    10 years ago

    What version of Mac OS X are you using? In Snow Leopard, that is already there in the Preview application. Just right+click on the selected text and the first two options are Search in Spotlight and Search in Google.

    10 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the response!
    I have Snow Leopard, but I always use Adobe Acrobat to open my pdfs, because of its advanced features.
    Is there any way we can add this same functionality of preview app, to the right-click menu of adobe reader or acrobat?

    Thanks much!

      10 years ago

      You may want to ask in an Adobe Acrobat forum. I think there is one on the Adode site. But my guess is it would be something Adobe would need to build into Acrobat, not something you could easily add yourself.
      You might want to try to use Preview, just for this feature.

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