Forum Question: Hang time since installing Lion

Gary, Since installing Lion, whenever my MAC comes out of sleep mode it takes much longer to boot back up – 30 seconds and the color wheel, instead of instantly. Do have any idea why my MAC seems to have slowed down. It is a huge bummer. I really got used to the instantaneousness of my MAC over a PC.

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    9/20/11 @ 6:43 am

    Hard to say. It probably comes down to a piece of software that you have running on it. My MacBook Air wakes from sleep in about a second, and so does my Mac Pro. So you have something on there that isn’t quite playing right with Lion, maybe.

    jac mills
    9/21/11 @ 6:27 am

    I had similar problem with my Macbook. Gary is right. My culprit was, apparently, Safari. I now make certain when I put the Book to sleep that Safari is closed. Solved! Now, however, whenever I open Safari I get the BB, so I am looking for another culprit.

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