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Has Anybody Developed a Workaround for “Real Time Stock Prices” On Numbers?

Numbers 6.2 using (stock, Price) provides the closing price of a stock on the previous day. I have access to real time prices on several web sites, however it would be very helpful to have them in my current Numbers spread sheet.

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    2 years ago

    The problem is licensing fees. You get the real-time (actually 20-minute or hour delayed) prices at those sites because they license that data and pay good money for it. If you search for “license real-time stock data” you’ll see how you could do the same, though it doesn’t make sense to do so unless you are a big company. Plus, once you get the data you’d need programmers to take the data stream and do something with it.

    I think your best bet is to find a service that already offers a way to view those numbers and do what you want with them. A good stock tracking or portfolio website.

    But there is one spreadsheet “app” you can use that does have real-time (ish) data. Google Sheets. If you use the Google spreadsheet app, you can get that data. And then you can presumably do what you want with it in the other cells. Maybe because it is a web-based app the licensing is different. Or maybe Google has some blanket license since they have their financial websites too. Apple doesn’t. Even the Apple Stocks app gets data from Yahoo I think.

    Edward PLATT
    2 years ago

    The latest versions of Excel (both Windows and Mac versions) have this feature incorporated in them although it is slightly convoluted.

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