Forum Question: Heat syncs in iMac G4 (SnowBall)

I want to take this computer apart to clean the dust out of it, and I heard that you have to have heat sync cement to put on the heat syncs before you put it back together. Is this true or not and if it is where can I get heat sync cement.

— Gary McNeil

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    11/4/09 @ 1:49 pm

    Where did you hear this?
    I’ve taken lots of Macs apart over the years, and I’ve never needed to re-apply heat sync cement. I’ve never taken apart that particular Mac, though. But I would search the Web for a take-apart video or blog post for that model to see if you can verify whether or not this is true.

    Gary McNeil
    11/4/09 @ 7:41 pm

    Well I have watched a lot of videos on it and only one of them re applied the heat sync. I just don’t want to take it apart then have it end up over heating.

    5/31/11 @ 4:11 pm

    Well not a bad idea anyway.
    Many older computers have dried out heat transfer cement
    and often get hot, resulting in the fan blowing unnecessarily.

    So reapplying it is just a step of proper maintenance.
    You simply unscrew the heat tubing stuff, apply fresh cement and put things back.

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