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Don’t know if this is the proper place to seek help on this…but I’m at a loss. I created a movie file in FCP and exported it as a .Mov file. I moved it in to compressor and then to DVD SP. Now whenever I try to launch DVD SP a message says that it cannot find a specific Sequence and the movie won’t play. I’ve manually searched for the file to point it to, and even created a file with the extension that it is looking for…just trying to trick the program. Won’t Work!
I’ve deleted and re-installed the program. WOW…still won’t work. The file that DVD SP is looking for simply does not exist. I’ve even checked in my trash folder…and it’s just not there.

Any suggestions? I’m on a timeline with a client to ge the product to them.

— Paul Howe

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    11/7/09 @ 11:02 am

    I’m not a FCP nor a DVD SP expert, so I’m afraid I can’t help here. Maybe someone else can?
    If not, then I’m sure there must be many FCP and DVD SP forums out there where you’d have a better chance of getting an answer. How about

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