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How Can I Bulk Select and Delete Photos?

I want to quickly go through my photos and delete the ones I don’t want. Obviously, I can hit the delete key, then confirm that I want to delete, but I have thousands of images and that feels clunky. Is there a good way to mark the photos for deletion and then bulk delete?

I am trying to clean up a photo library with over 100,000 images.
Bob Boilen

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    2 years ago

    Instead of deleting them, mark each one. Then delete all of the marked ones, or the ones you've accumulated so far.

    There are a few ways to mark them. I use "Favorites" for a temporary mark in cases like this. So I go to Favorites and select them all and unfavorite them. I only use Favorites for temporary projects or gathering photos to post online and such. So I clear that out.

    Then I use the handy keyboard shortcut to favorite the ones I want to delete. Then after a while I go to Favorites, select all, and delete them.

    You could do the same with an album you create, or using a tag. It is just a little easier to mark as a favorite.

    Bob Boilen
    2 years ago

    You mention there are a few ways to mark photos. Since I already use favorites as a way to, in fact, mark my favorite photos, what other ways could I mark the photos for deletion?

    2 years ago

    Bob: I mention two: create an album, use a tag.

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