Forum Question: How Can I Copy Audio Tracks in iMovie?

How Can I Copy Audio Tracks With Video From One Project To Paste Into Another? I Can Only Select the Video.
iMovie 11. Was having scratchy audio issues along with every move being very slow. Made a duplicate and finished the end of the movie as a separate project. Now I want to add it to the rest of the movie which is a separate project. Am freaking out because of the time I have already spent on this and, thinking I may have a corrupt file in the original, the thought of going back to that is deadly. (I also have to premiere this tomorrow night!)

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    11/17/11 @ 2:32 pm

    You really can’t. I would just use each section as a separate exported video and combine them in a new, simple, project that just has those sections.

    11/18/11 @ 2:11 am

    Kind of a convoluted way to edit audio.
    If you just want a copy stop after Export Using Quicktime.

    Select a clip. Under the Clips menu detach audio. Under Share menu select Export Using Quicktime. In the pop-up select Sound to AIFF. Import into an audio editor such as Wire Tap or Audacity. Edit. Save. Import into iTunes. Import into iMovie wit audio browser.

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