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How Can I Delete Photos From My iPhone Without Removing Them From Photos?

I would like to delete photos from my iphone. However, if I delete them on my iphone they disappear from Photos as well. I would like to save storage on my iphone by say, deleting all photos and videos before a certain date. I know I can do this using preview, but I don’t want to lose them from my computer. Any ideas?

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    4 years ago

    It depends. Are you using iCloud Photo Library? Sounds like it, so I will assume so. But if not, then the answer would be totally different.
    So with iCloud Photo Library, there is only one library and every device will see the same library. Delete a photo anywhere and it deletes from the entire library.
    But the good news is that it doesn’t put every photo in full resolution onto devices when space is an issue. There is a setting in the Settings app, Photos & Camera called “Optimize iPhone Storage.” Make sure that is checked and the photo library will use space as space is available. Have that unchecked, as you would on say a desktop Mac, and you have a complete copy of the library locally for the best speed.
    So, the answer is: don’t worry about it. the Photos app is managing your space and it won’t use too much.

    4 years ago

    I have the same situation. Photos on the iPhone take up over 21GB of storage and I need that storage for other things. Need to delete photos on iPhone but not from Photos, is that possible?

    4 years ago

    George: It is using 21GB because you have it. Start using it for something else and it will use less. We are getting beyond the point where we need to micromanage our storage.

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