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How Can I Export Only the Files From a CD Ripped On the Music App ?

I have music that I have ripped on Mac Big Sur Music app and would like to export only the files to an external drive. I want to save space on the internal drive.
Victor R.

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    2 years ago

    Yes, you can do that if you like. You won't save much space just moving some songs though. Things like apps, photos and videos take up much more space.

    But you can select those songs and only export the ones you want. Put them in the new location. Then you'll need to delete them from your Music library, and re-import the ones you just exported from their new location. Just change the settings in Music, Preferences, Files so it doesn't copy those songs back to your library before the re-import.

    You can also Control+click on one of the songs in an album and select Show In Finder. Then you can grab the file from where it is now and move it. Not sure if you then need to delete the "lost" song then. Hard for me to test since I'm using Apple Music so it would behave differently for me.

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