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How Can I Get a Sharp PNG or JPG Image From a Numbers File?

I’d like to place an event calendar on our website. I found a perfect calendar template in Numbers. But our company website requires the image to be png or jpg. So, in Numbers, I went to print, then opened in Preview, then saved as jpg. (also did png). I need a high res image.

The problem is, even when I chose “best” quality or 600points/inch the file size tops out at 193K. I end up with a low res; fuzzy image. Its not as sharp as the Numbers image.

I’ve uploaded 1.2meg photos to this website that turned out very sharp and appealing.

How can I get a higher res image out of my Numbers calendar?
Rick Conklin

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    2 years ago

    I looks like Preview doesn't do a very good job at that level. It will export it at the resolution of your screen, but nothing more, even if you specify 600 dpi or whatever.

    What it does is fine for most uses. But if you really want to get the level of quality you are talking about, you'll need to do something else.

    Try using another app. I created one like yours, opened it in Acorn 7, and it prompted me during import to specify a dpi. I put 600. Then I exported it out and it was excellent quality.

    Rick Conklin
    2 years ago

    Another app instead of Preview? How would you get the calendar from Numbers into (e.g.) Affinity or Acorn??
    So, I exported a pdf from Numbers then opened it in Affinity, then exported it as a GIF. Its better than Preview.
    Affinity won't open a Numbers file.
    Or should I have done something different?
    thx, Rick

    2 years ago

    Rick: Export as a PDF, then open the PDF in Acorn or Affinity, yes. Pay attention in Affinity Photo when you open it and select a DPI. You don't need to use their "Estimate" option.

    Rick Conklin
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary, This helped

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