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How Can I Improve Mail “Suggested Mailbox” Feature When Moving Messages ?

Does anybody know how to help Apple Mail suggest correct/better locations when selecting “Move to” (right-clicking) a mail message?

From what I’ve read, Mail will eventually learn from what you’ve chosen when manually selecting a folder to move a message to, and eventually it will suggest folders that are very likely the ones you want to use. Sometimes the feature works great, but not consistently even with messages from a common source and with common subject matter.

It’s disappointing when the suggestion is a blank, but darn frustrating when it regularly suggests the same wrong location !!

Is there anyway I can help it learn ?

Many thanks, Bob…
Robert (Bob) Earp

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    2 years ago

    I don’t believe there are any controls for it. I don’t use it myself. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have the folders you want to use on the left sidebar and then drag and drop the message into one of those? Seems like less steps. Or, maybe the exact same number of steps. And this way you have total control.

    I don’t use any folders or mailboxes at all. Everything comes into the Inbox, I deal with it, and then it gets archived. All my old email is in my archive and I can search for anything I need. Saves tons of time, avoid issues when a message may belong in more than one mailbox, and searching works better than organizing because there are times when you can’t remember how you categorized something.

    Douglas Brandt
    2 years ago

    Gary… do you also Archive your Trash and Junk email? What exactly does your left sidebar look like please.

    Thank you… Doug

    2 years ago

    Douglas: Pure spam, what little gets through Google and iCloud, I just delete. Nothing else classifies as “trash.” Everything else gets archived. Just: Inbox, Send, Junk, Trash, Archive. These are the defaults that fit both Google and iCloud.

    Bob Earp
    2 years ago

    I do have the folders in the sidebar but there are a lot of them (around 320) and that takes a fair amount of scrolling and takes time. When Mail gives to correct suggestion it’s really fast, but otherwise right-clicking a message and then selecting the correct folder via “Move to” drop-downs seems to be the fastest and controlled way I’ve found to date.
    Tip (?): Once the drop-down list of folders is showing, typing the first 2-3 letters of the desired folder name speeds the selection up.

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