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How Can I Increase Phone Receptivity In My Home?

I have an iPhone 6 and steel siding on my house. My phone is connected to my wireless when I am at home, but the quality of my calls is horrible. Person on the other end say they cannot hear or only catch occasional words. I need to step outside or stand by my patio door. Both options take me from my desk which is not desirable. My sp is ATT
Is there a fix which does not include a monthly charge?
jean b.

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    3 years ago

    Have you looked at AT&T’s “Wi-Fi Calling” function? Not sure if it costs extra or not. But even if it is a little extra, maybe it is worth it for you.

    Another option is to use FaceTime to call instead of AT&T when you can. You can use FaceTime audio-only too. Of course the person on the other end would need to be on an iPhone (or iPad or Mac) for that to be a possibility.

    I don’t know that the siding would affect it that much. Maybe. But you think if that were the case, then lots of people would have the same issue. Have you tried simply calling AT&T’s support and having them trouble-shoot it for you? Maybe there is an issue with their local tower?

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