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How Can I Lock the “Zoom” Percentage In the Toolbar?

How can I “lock” the Zoom percentage in the Toolbar?

I have a disability (thanks to an injury) with my right hand and cannot keep control of my fingers and so when I want to swipe the touchpad to move the cursor, my spare fingers sometimes droop onto the touchpad, causing other actions to happen.This is also partly a result of the angle at which the right hand “approaches” the touchpad, compared to the left, because the right elbow was also injured. Most infuriatingly, the worst of these is to change the zoom or magnification of a text I am editing. I want to lock the zoom at 150 or 160%, how can I do this?

I want to lock the zoom so that I do not accidentally increase it while I am trying do another action, such as mover the cursor (one finger only) or scroll the page (2 fingers only)

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    3 years ago

    You can't lock the Zoom in Pages. But you can disable the gesture that is causing the problem. Go to System Preferences, Trackpad, Scroll & Zoom. Then uncheck "Zoom in or out."

    There are a lot of other gestures there too that you may want to think about turning off. In most cases, the gesture is just an easy way to do something you can also do with a keyboard shortcut or menu it. So you can still do the thing the gesture is for, just not with a gesture anymore. For instance, to Zoom in Page you can still use the toolbar, the View, Zoom menu bar items and the keyboard shortcuts for those to zoom.

    I don't see a way to disable scrolling, however.

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