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How Can I Make a Slideshow Using Photos?

I have about 20 photos I’d like to make into a slides show. I’d like to rearrange them in a particular order. Is that do-able?

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    2 years ago

    There are so many ways. Using Photos, Keynote or iMovie are the quickest.
    You can do it in Photos.
    You can do it in Keynote.
    You can do it in iMovie.

    Jack Weibel
    2 years ago

    I tried sever times, using ‘custom’ and selecting music from my iTunes , but the music keeps defaulting to the Ken Burns music. Any suggestions?

    2 years ago

    Jack: Not sure what could be going wrong there. Maybe double-check everything?

    2 years ago

    Thanks, Gary. Will try starting over. Fun to play with though. And as your video says, very easy.

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