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How Can I Make Lyrics in iTunes Stay On the Screen?

I’m wondering if I can have the lyrics showing in a corner of the screen while a play a song in iTunes.
As the notification etc all disappear when I am going something in another programme.
Marilyn McGreal

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    3 years ago

    Yes. To do this, use the MiniPlayer. Just go to Window, MiniPlayer in iTunes to open it. Then Click on the button that looks like three lines at the bottom right corner to open the Up Next/History/Lyrics portion of the window. Select Lyrics.
    Now you can keep that MiniPlayer window in view as you do other things. But you can also force it to stay in view. In iTunes, go to iTunes, Preferences, Advanced. Then check Keep MiniPlayer On Top Of All Other Windows. Now you almost can’t get rid of the MiniPlayer, and it will show you the lyrics for each song.
    Simply click the X button at the top of the MiniPlayer to close it and return to the regular way you view iTunes.

    Marilyn McGreal
    3 years ago

    Perfect Gary, just what I wanted. Thank you for your quick response.

    3 years ago

    Hello there… thank for the input… however… the miniplayer does not appear on the other windows as i slide from screen to screen… did i miss something?

    3 years ago

    Martin: “Slide?” — do you mean you are using Mission Control? Miniplayer is just the iTunes app, so if you want it to appear on all desktops of Mission Control, then you would need to turn on the “all desktops” option for iTunes (Control+click on the iTunes app in the Dock, select Options, All Desktops).

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