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How Can I Make One Smart Folder With MS Word and Pages?

I am trying to setup a (one) Smart Folder so I can see all MS Word documents AND Pages documents that I have edited in the last two weeks. When I try adding both MS Word and Pages, it doesn’t find anything, as if the document has to be both Word and Pages so it finds nothing. But I want the ability for it to be able to show both, that were edited within my set time period.

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    11 years ago

    Choose File, New Smart Folder.
    Then, leaving the search field blank start by pressing the + button.
    You should now see Kind is Any.
    Hold down the option key again, and press the next + button.
    The next part should say "Any" of the following are true. Leave it as Any and change the next line to Kind is Other, Word. Then add another line and put Kind is Other Pages.

    The key is to hold down that option key the second time you use the + button.

    11 years ago

    Thanks! I didn't know about that secret option key function for this.

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