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How Can I Password Protect Audio Files?

I use an app called Voice Record Pro on my iPhone , and regularly record interviews about an hour long. I need to be able to transfer and save these on my iMac, work with them (eg cut them) and share them (could be to a windows user), securely. How would you suggest I save them and send them with password protection, please? Thanks for your wisdom! Tracey

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    2 years ago

    If this was a Mac-only issue, you could create a password-protected disk image. But since you need to send this to Windows users, then you need a cross-platform solution. You can create password-protected zip files that should be openable on Windows computers. But you’ll need the Terminal to do it.

    Open Terminal, go to the directory. Then:
    zip -e audiofileA.m4a audiofileB.m4a
    You will be prompted for a password, and then to verify the password.
    You’ll get a zip file that is password protected. Double-click on it in the Finder and you will be prompted with a dialog box to enter that password. Should be the same on Windows.

    A better alternative may be to use an Internet service that provides some security like this automatically. I see this all the time with real estate, accounting and medical files. You upload to a site. It saves them securely. The end-user downloads from that site with a password. The security is the same since both you and the user have the file non-encrypted on your machines anyway, if you think about it. The only non-secure part is if you use email so the file sits on email servers. But if you are transferring via a secure sharing service, then how is that different than making a zip, sending it, and the other person unzipping it? Even iCloud or Dropbox may do, come to think of it, since no one else can get to the file and it is encrypted during the transfer and on the server.

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