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How Can I Paste an Item On Multiple Keynote Slides Simultaneously?

How can I paste an item on multiple keynote slides simultaneously?
I have to paste a logo on thousands of slides among tens of files.
Ikram Ur Rehman

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    2 years ago

    Place the logo on the slide template and it will appear across all of the sides that use that template.
    Choose View, Edit Slide Layouts.
    Choose the slide template on the left that you are using for all of those slides.
    Then add the element you want to the layout.
    Then click Done at the bottom.
    If you used more than one slide template, just add it to all of the ones you used. Chances are you used one for all of those, but even if you used a few it doesn't take long.

    Ikram ur Rehman
    2 years ago

    You're a Mac genius, Gary. I've learnt a lot from you. Thanks.

    Nicholas Manno
    2 years ago

    Taking this one step further, is there a way to sequentially number a group of template slides? Example - I create Keynote slide presentations for trivia games at the local Elks Lodge. Four games of 10 trivia questions per game. Each slide will have “Trivia 1; Trivia 2; …Trivia 10, That’s 40 slides. It would be helpful to create the first template slide, “Trivia 1”, then have the template slide be duplicated but the trivia number increment (in this case) by 1. Thanks, Nick.

    2 years ago

    Choose View, Show Slide Number on all Slides. Then edit the slide template and you can move it and style it and that number will appear in that place and with that style across all slides. Add a text box before it with the word "Trivia" too. The problem is that it will show the slide number, so if you have a title screen then it will be off by one, etc. So manual numbering is probably better.
    If you really wanted to work at it, there is one way to perform calculations on the slide number. Create a 1x1 table and use a formula with the function REFERENCE.NAME. The "All" reference will be Sheet:Table:Name and in the case of Keynote, the sheet will be "Slide X". So with some more functions you can extract the X and then add or subtract. Not sure how good you are with spreadsheet formulas...

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