Forum Question: How Can I Stop Reminders From Scheduling My Reminder On the Wrong Date?

I click a scheduled date on reminders when I want to be reminded of something such as scheduling a reminder for August 19 to “Make dinner reservations for Sunday.” Reminders saves the date of the Scheduled reminder to Sunday August 21 from the date I want to be reminded, Friday August 19. I have tried to Google a solution with no results.
Roger Mann

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    8/11/16 @ 12:54 pm

    You could just simply select the reminder, delete it, and then create a new one. Or, double-click the reminder in the Reminders app and you’ll see all of the information on that Reminder. Just click the date under “On a Day” to check any part of that date.

    Roger Mann
    8/11/16 @ 1:26 pm

    Isn’t there a way to enter such a reminder without having to find it and then correct it? I want to make it fine on the first try.

    8/11/16 @ 1:35 pm

    Ah, I see. You want to create a reminder for Friday, but have the reminder tell you to create a reservation for Sunday. So it is just about the language you want to use. You can’t expect your Mac to read your mind and understand that — you can see where it gets confused. So set the reminder as “Make dinner reservations on Friday.” Then change the text of the reminder to “Make dinner reservations FOR SUNDAY” and leave the date as Friday. Or use different language, maybe “Make Sunday dinner reservations on Friday” will work? Otherwise, why mess around with the shortcut at all. If you want something complex, then just enter it in manually from the start.

    8/15/16 @ 12:51 am

    This really annoys me too but I found that putting my message in quotes seems to work, so if you enter – “Make reservations for Sunday” on Friday 7am – you will end up with just the quote-surrounded message, still with quotes which is messy, but the day and time will be set for the forthcoming Friday.

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