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How Can You Print Only One Table In a Sheet In Numbers?

I have a numbers sheet that has multiple tables in it. Is there a way to just print one table from the sheet? When I print preview it shows all tables.
Todd Rock

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    7 years ago

    Choose View, Print View. This shows you each page of paper and how the divisions fall on the different tables in your sheet. Then move the tables so only the table you want is on the first page, nothing else. The other tables fall out on other pages. Then print only the first page.
    That works in a lot of cases, like if your table fits on only one sheet of paper. If not, then the way to do it is to use multiple sheets in the document. Put the table you want to print on its own separate sheet. But the other tables in other sheets. The tables can still interact with each other in the same way as if they are on a single sheet, but now you have the ability to print only that one sheet.

      T Rock
      7 years ago

      Thanks very much.

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