Forum Question: How Can You Share Entire iCal Calendars?

How Can You Share Entire iCals To a Different Family Member On Another Mac Computer?
if i have my Macpro and my wife has her Mac air, how can we share our iCal events in real time? not in an export calendar way but where we can see each others changes
sort of like delegates was in Snow leopard but that option seems to be gone in Lion

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    11/30/11 @ 12:33 pm

    To do that you need to share a calendar online. You can put calendars online with iCloud, or Gmail or any number of other services. But sharing one is tough because calendars are meant to be personal.
    So would you should do is each have your own calendar online. Each have your own iCloud or Gmail accounts. Then create a calendar in each account for each of you. Then share it. iCloud offers this as a menu option in iCal for calendars. Basically you publish your calendar and then the other subscribes to it in iCal.
    You can do the same for Gmail, but I’m not sure of the details. I think with Gmail you can even completely share a calendar — letting multiple people change and add events. Either way you would set up the calendar in Gmail and then add that Google account to iCal.
    So there are some options.

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