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How Do I Adapt a USB-C Receiver To a USB Port?

I’m trying to use one mouse to control both my MacBook Air 13″ (mid-2013) and my Windows Pc.

I have purchased a 2.4Ghz USB+Type-C Wireless mouse. My intention was to plug the USB receiver into the Windows PC and the USB-C receiver into the MacBook. Unfortunately there is no USB-C port on my MacBook. Is there an adapter I can purchase and if so which would you recommend. Thanks in advance.
Karen Hann

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    2 years ago

    There is no one I can recommend, but there are some. Just search Amazon for "USB C Female to USB Male Adapter" and a bunch come up. Make sure you don't purchase the opposite.

    However, I would caution you against using a wireless mouse that uses its own USB adapter like that. There is really no need as you can just get a Bluetooth mouse and use your Mac's onboard Bluetooth. It is easier and you don't need to take up a whole port with this adapter.

    In fact, why have one mouse for both? It may save a few dollars, but it will quickly become a pain to switch the USB adapter between the devices or unpair/pair the Bluetooth mouse.

    Of course your MacBook Air already has a Trackpad in it that is better than any mouse, in my opinion. It can certainly do a lot more.

    Karen Hann
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I'm a "recovering PC" person and have made the switch to Apple and haven't looked back. I was a power user in Windows mastering the keyboard shortcuts and mouse. I'm slowly learning the Apple shortcuts thanks to your great videos. I have yet to embrace the Track Pad - that's my next skill to master. Until then, I will check out a bluetooth mouse next.

    Steve Forssell
    1 year ago

    Buy a Logitech MX series mouse. They do that exact same thing

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