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How Do I Add a ‘Note’ To an Email I’ve Received?

I’ve created a folder in my Mail App on my Mac called “Orders”. I place all my confirmation emails (let’s say from Amazon) in that folder. I know that Amazon gives me a clickable link (order number) that will eventually show me what I ordered… but is there a way I can add a simple ‘note’ somewhere on that email to show what was actually ordered… saving me the time to click their link to find out what is was? Thank you.
Doug Brandt

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    3 years ago

    Not that I can think of, no. Email services would need to enable that, and I don't know of any that do that. I guess an email app could have a local database of "notes" but I don't know of any that do.

    In the video at I suggest that a possible better way for some people to save email messages is as email files or PDFs to folders on their local (or iCloud) drives. If you do that, you can always name the file something that gives you an idea, like 20200703 Amazon HVAC Filters.pdf. You could also put information in the file comments, but that doesn't sync across iCloud.

    Another thing to consider is that it may be easier to do nothing. You mentioned saving the time to click the link, but that doesn't really take as much time as writing a note. And if you never need the note, then it is time wasted.

    Dave Merriman
    3 years ago

    There is an app called Ghostnote that will allow you to add notes to e.mail

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