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How Do I Add a Reminder To Occur On a Specific Holiday?

I would like to be able to add a reminder for Father’s Day to “take a picture”. Father’s day falls a different day every year – is it possible to do this?
Michael C

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    3 years ago

    Yes. Father's Day occurs on the third Sunday in June. You can set a reminder based on that.

    Set the reminder for next year. Then select the Repeat option. Choose Custom. Then choose the month of June, and every "third" "Sunday" and you'll bet all set for years to come.

    3 years ago

    Calendar events can be tailored & alarmed in near identical fashion. One I've had one set up for years now reminds me to reset the copyright year in my DSLR prefs ever January 1st.
    I don't know about Reminders, but you can have Calendar blow an alarm/s in advance of an upcoming event as well.

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