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How Do I Add Keyboard Shortcut for Commands In Mail That Are Two Menus Deep?

Big Sur moved the Mail “Sort By” options (you know, the ones we all used all the time like “From”, “To”, and “Date”) to the main menu->View->Sort By-> . Because why not make things worse. In leiu of driving to Cupertino and slapping someone, I’m trying to add a keyboard shortcut to sort my mail with this “Sort By->From” and “Sort By->Date” but when I went to the mail app it doesn’t work. What exactly would I do to make this work?

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    2 years ago

    It doesn't matter how deep the menu command is, all you need is the command. So for View, Sort By, Date all you need is "Date." Add that as a shortcut in System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts under Apps and assign it to with "Date" as the only menu item identifier you need.

    You said "it doesn't work." Can you provide more information. I just tried it and it worked fine for exactly that menu item. Just make sure you aren't using a menu command that is already superseded by something else. For instance, Command+Option+D for "Date" would seem like a good idea, but the Dock already uses that.

    2 years ago

    Thank you - I was using both menu commands (Sort By AND Date) instead of just Date
    Saved me!

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