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How Do I Add Text Bands To Photos In Keynote?

I would like to modify images in keynote. I just bought an iMac and really like it, but don’t know the best way to modify images.
I like when I see a motivational image with a faded band and text inside it. Hope that makes sense.
Can I do that in keynote, or is there another program in iMac for that?

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    10 years ago

    You can't edit photos like that in Keynote. But you don't need to.
    You can simply place the photo, and then put text over it.
    Put the photo there first, size and position it.
    Then add a text box over it. Set the font, size and position the box.
    Not sure what you mean by "faded band." But you can use the inspector and set the background color of the text box. Select the box, and go to the Graphic Inspector in the Inspector window. Set the color fill there and set its opacity to something less than 100 if you want the box to be semi-transparent.

      10 years ago

      Okay. Is there another program for editing photos other than photoshop?

        Ian Steele
        10 years ago

        Yes for a Mac I would recommend Pixelmator. It's available to download from the Mac App Store.

          10 years ago

          Pixelmator is one I have done many videos on here. For free there is Seashore. And there are many others in the Mac App Store as well.
          What are you trying to do that wouldn't work with my suggestion?

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