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How Do I Add Text To a Video With Solid Background In iMovie?

I have watched the tutorial videos on here, (which are great by the way), about how to add text to videos in iMovie. However I want to add text to a video where someone is being interviewed and wondered if there is a way to have white text on a black background to make sure it is readable either static across so many frames with new text replacing or scrolling word for word, effectively like having subtitles of the whole conversation.

The quickest option would be better so maybe static I guess but cannot see how to apply the white text on a black background.

I’m keen to use my mac products and not have to pay for a service so would probably use Keynotes.

Appreciate any input or help.

Michael O’Reilly

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    2 years ago

    I’d try all of the built-in titles. The Lower Third title has a black outline around the text to help it stand out. So does Lower. Also try Gradient – Black. I’d take a few minutes to try them all and I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your goal.

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