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How Do I Adjust/create Print Margins for Preview?

how to make printing via Mac more useful?!?!!?.
this seems to be an ongoing problem in several programs i use, but while looking at a downloaded report via preview, it looks fine, then when i try and print it cuts off margins. i’ve gone to scale and scale to fit, borderless and it either continues to cut if off or shrinks it to where it’s not even a useful report. how to fix???
also… it also appears that there is not an option to highlight a segment and “print hightlight” would there be a fix to this besides highlight, copy, open say TextEdit, then print? – seems kind of tedious for such a normal need?
thanks again for your insight!

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    7 years ago

    Printing depends on a lot of factors: which app you are using to print, your printer dialog box settings, and the drivers for that printer.
    First, make sure that you are using the official drivers for that printer. You probably are, but if the printer shows up with a generic name, then maybe not. For instance, my printer shows up as “HP LaserJet Professional P1102w” — that tells me that the Mac know what is going on. If it was “Generic LaserPrinter” or something that didn’t match the name of my printer then I would download and install the official drivers and re-add the printer.
    As for printing without margin issues, have you tried the Paper Handling settings? Look in the Print dialog for a pull-down menu where you can select Paper Handling.
    Now, no guarantee that you will even have “Paper Handling” as it depends on your printer drivers. That whole Print dialog box changes depending on the drivers.
    Anyway, for me, under Paper Handling I have a “Scale to fit paper size” checkbox. See if you have that.
    As for the idea of highlighting and printing the highlighted text — it depends on the app you are using. An app can certainly do that, if the developers of that app have included that functionality.

    Jerry G
    7 years ago


    Regarding your second point, Devon Wordservice, a free Services add-on, gives you “New TextEdit Window Containing Selection”. This eliminates a few steps. The download also gives you a load of other conveniences such as Sorting in a Pages document.


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