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How Do I Attach a Document To an Email?

I am trying to attach a pdf which is saved on my macbook pro to an email. I want to attach it and not embed it into the email.

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    6 years ago

    You attach by either dragging and dropping into the message, or using the Attack button in the toolbar. Whether it is seen as "embedded" into the message depends on the email client the receiver is using, though most clients today will show all attachments as part of the message.
    Is there some reason you don't want the file to be seen as part of the message? If so, your only option may be to compress it into a .zip archive first and attach that, though that will be inconvenient for the receiver. You could also upload it to a file sharing service and send the link instead.

    6 years ago

    File this under unintentionally funny typos: the "Attack button". LOL.

    Franklin Jan
    6 years ago

    In Mail, an embedded image file e.g. pdf can be right clicked and from menu, choose "view as icon;" reverse by right clicking icon to "view in place" from menu to return to embedded file

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