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How Do I Best Sync Reminders On 1 Mac To 2 iPhones With Separate AppleIDs?

I have just gotten 2 new iPhone 5’s for my spouse and myself. We have one Mac with an AppleID used on iPhone A, and I will be setting up a second AppleID for iPhone B. How do I sync both phones to the same Reminders and Notes, so that we can both have the same lists accessible to both persons?

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    7 years ago

    You should set each phone up with your own Apple IDs. They are meant to be personal IDs, and not shared. So to mirror that on your Mac, you should set up two user accounts and get used to logging in on your own account. That way you each can use your own Apple ID for iCloud email, calendar and services, etc. See
    So given that, you can’t — and don’t want to — use a shared set of Reminders and Notes. You want those to be personal. But you can create a Reminders list that is a shared list. So set one of those up. So then you have your own Reminders and also a single list that is shared.
    As for Notes, I can’t think of a way to share those.
    In fact, I would go back to the reason why you want to share reminders and notes. Maybe the best way to accomplish your goals isn’t to share Reminders and Notes. Maybe there is another way to do it. For instance, maybe a shared DropBox folder, or shared set of notes in Evernote, or maybe a shared Google account?

      7 years ago

      Thanks, this is really helpful!
      In watching the above video link, I have another question: when it comes to fast user switching, how do I best do that in Lion? It seems as though the two user files and the shared file in the video are no longer options in Lion (OSX 10.8.2), so how can I go about creating a shared file to use between both accounts?

      My objective is to share iTunes, documents, and applications between my spouse and myself on our mac with the two user accounts, eventually accessing them via our iPhones.

      Thanks for all you do, and this help to a probably silly question.
      – Jenny

        7 years ago

        Not sure what you mean. You have the same options in Mountain Lion (10.8). What made you think that the Shared folder is no longer there?
        Sharing iTunes is a bad idea, though — as you store so much data (playlists, apps, videos, etc) in you iTunes library. And if you are using two Apple IDs (as you should) then trying to share a single iTunes library will be very problematic.
        Instead, share just the music files. Like but on a Shared folder, not drive.

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