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How Do I Change All Of My Passwords To More Secure Ones?

Lot’s of talk about password security on TV lately!

I know that Macs are more secure by design than Widows machines, however, I am bad about using the same password for almost everything. One that I can remember, etc.

What is your suggestion as to how I should go about replacing all of my passwords with individual, more secure ones?

Have you done a video about this subject? Thanks for the help!
Tullis Thomas

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    6 years ago

    I have more than just a video, I have a whole section of my free course on security dedicated to passwords. There is also a free eBook.

    Basically, you should use either a password manager like 1Password or Safari's built-in keychain functionality to create random passwords as you go from site-to-site and service-to-service to change your passwords. This will create unique, strong password for everything. And use two-factor authentication when you can (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc).

    Tullis Thomas
    6 years ago

    I have 1Password already. I will start right away so that I have a more secure computer! Thank you Gary for your help!

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