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How Do I Change Software Update Notification for Program No Longer On M Mac?

On a regular basis, my MacBook notifies me of software updates. The problem is that I am constantly prompted to update a old software program that I no longer have installed (its HP printer software). What can I do to correct this?
Thanks Gary

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    7 years ago

    There are several “types” of updates that we get through the Mac app store. There are updates for apps, updates for OS X, and updates for drivers and such, like perhaps your case with the HP printer software.
    To stop getting updates for an app, you simply need to uninstall the app. Do that through LaunchPad. Of course if you don’t want to uninstall the app, then you should also be wanting to get the updates. So that makes sense.
    OS X updates you should always want. They contain bug fixes and security fixes.
    But as for drivers and such, well, there isn’t much of a choice. You should consider them as OS X updates and get them too. You never know when they could be fixing some sort of stability issue or security issue. And even though you no longer use that printer, it is good to have an up-to-date library of drivers anyway.
    I remember once removing all printer drivers from my Mac many years ago — except for the one printer I had. I thought I was so smart. Not less than a few weeks later I was traveling and over a friend’s house and wanted to print something out on his printer. Would have been simple if I hadn’t removed all of those printer drivers. Then a month later my printer died and I went with another brand to replace it. You get the idea.
    Now I can’t tell if you are asking about printer drivers, or some piece of utility software here. If it is a piece of utility software, then you might be able to dispense with the updates if you simply uninstalled it. Perhaps the printer software came with an uninstall utility too. That could work for both a utility and a driver. So that is your best bet.
    But you should really just consider accepting the update. Things like printers only update once or twice a year, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

      7 years ago

      As usual, good advice. Thanks Gary!


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