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How Do I Change the Suggestions In Apple Numbers?

The feature that shows me a few suggestions under the cell when I start typing some text, in some cases bothers me. The list of suggestions can be too long or I decided to modify all suggestions.
The better thing if I can access to the list, or lists if there is more than one list, and edit the list.
It’s possible to do that?
Thank you
I have numbers 10.0


Comments: One Response to “How Do I Change the Suggestions In Apple Numbers?”

    2 years ago

    Those suggestions are taken right from your own data in that same column. So if you have cells B2 to B5 as Apples, Oranges, Peaches, Pairs and then you start B6 by typing "P" you will get Peaches and Pairs as suggestions. But if you start typing "P" in cell C6 you wouldn't have any suggestion.

    So they are nothing more complex than that. If you have so much data that the suggestions are not useful, then just ignore them. Type out what you need. Or, turn them off. In Numbers, Preferences, General and uncheck "Show suggestions when editing table cells."

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