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How Do I Conditional Formatting Based On Other Cell Text In Numbers?

I tried to highlight cells (in number) based on other cells (in text) in Numbers, but what I got is the cells (in number) cannot be highlighted based on other cells (in text) with “IF” formula.

I tried an example on Excel, the A column will be highlighted based on the text on B column.
E.g. A1 will be in red since B1=X, A2 and A4 will be in yellow since B2 and B4=Y, A3 will be green since B3=Z.
1 123 X
2 234 Y
3 345 Z
4 437 Y
I use the rules in conditional formatting.
Rule Format Applies to
Formula: =B1=”X” red =$A$1:$A4
Formula: =B1=”Y” yellow =$A$1:$A4
Formula: =B1=”Z” green =$A$1:$A4

Do you know how can I get the same effect on Numbers? Thanks a lot :)


Comments: One Response to “How Do I Conditional Formatting Based On Other Cell Text In Numbers?”

    2 years ago

    That’s not the way conditional highlighting in Numbers works. It is based on the same cell, not the value in another cell.

    So you’ve simply got to find another way to accomplish what you want. For instance, if each row represents a different record, as it should in most spreadsheet tables, then why not do the conditional highlighting on the cell in column B? Won’t that highlight the row just as well?

    There are other ideas you could implement, but it is hard to advise since I don’t know more about what you are trying to do.

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