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How Do I Connect My iMac To a Second iMac To Be Used As a Monitor?

I have two iMac’s. Purchased in 2013 and would like to use one as a monitor and would like to know how to do it. Have asked a few people and all different answers. One says I can’t do it. One says use thunderbolt cables but don’t think they have it…help. Don T.
Don T

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    2 years ago

    That is called "Target Display Mode" and only a few iMac models from the early 2010s can do it. See to see if yours is one of the models.

    But there are a few good reasons to not do this. The first is that these older iMacs use old standard definition displays. Since then, Apple and most computers have switched to Ultra High Definition (AKA "Retina") displays. These are much nicer and images, text and graphics look so much better. And you can get a new external display for about $250 for a 4K model. Only these retina displays will truly use the nice graphics power of your newer Mac.

    Also, the old iMac uses a lot more power and generates more heat than a new display. It takes up less space too. You can probably get a little something for your old iMac if you want to resell it, or at least a write-off if you donate it. Or maybe just feel good about someone else getting to use it who may not be able to afford a new Mac.

    For these reasons, I don't recommend using an old iMac as a display, but instead getting a decent new screen.

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