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How Do I Convert a iMovie Creation To a Microsoft Format?

Is there a way to take a movie I have made in iMovie and convert it to a Microsoft format?

My children are all Microsoft people and I want them to view and safe movies I have made of the grandchildren.
Phil Husted

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    2 years ago

    Do you mean the finished video? The videos that iMovie produces are already in a standard video format that any computer or mobile device should be able to play.

    A bigger question is how to get the video to them. Video files are large and hard to transport. You never want to send them in an email. But even sharing them via a cloud service is tough. If you just want someone to see the video, it is best to upload it to a web service. You can share it via iCloud Photos. But the best option may be to simply upload it to YouTube, unlisted if you want, and just send them a link. A web service like YouTube will stream the video when they watch it, which means they aren't required to download the whole thing to start, and the stream will be customized to fit their Internet speed.

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