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How Do I Convert .cwk Files To Word On My Mac?

I have many file with .CWK extensions that I need to access on my MacBook. Help?
Tom Benson

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    5 years ago

    CWK files are very old AppleWorks files, if I remember correctly. They could also be even older Claris Works files as Apple bought that and turned it into AppleWorks. Apple stopped supporting AppleWorks in 2004, so they must be quite old. I think for a long while early versions of apps like Pages supported opening them, but just for a few years.

    If you just need to access a bit of text in them, you may want to try opening them in a text editor. You may need to force-open the files by choosing File, Open and then selecting the file. Or, even copying the file and then changing the extension from .cwk to .txt first. Then look through the code of the file and you may find some text there you can use.

    I read somewhere that will open .cwk files, so that's another option to try. Not sure if you can same them as Word, but it can at least be the first step.

    Ideally, if you found an old Mac from 2004 or just a little earlier that has AppleWorks on it, you could move the files there, open them, and then save them out in some other format.

    Tom Benson
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much for your speedy and concise reply! I really appreciate all you do for me personally with your newsletter and informative videos. I pass your website info along to everyone I know and see using a Mac. Your help is a Godsend!

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