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How Do I Create a Shortcut To a Browser Site?

If I have a site, such as a page in google docs and I want to copy the address it is very long and involved. (ex. How can I create a shortcut so it just comes up with a simple description such as “Spreadsheet”, but it would open the requested page. It appears that this can be done on some android programs, but I am having a problem doing it with Safari.

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    2 years ago

    Just bookmark it. In Safari, choose Bookmarks, Add Bookmark. Then the title of the page will be there, and the URL. Change the title to what you wan like "XYZ Spreadsheet" and save it.

    Now you can access it from Bookmarks. But you can also just type the bookmark, "XYZ Spreadsheet" and it will show up as a suggestion in the browser search field.

    2 years ago

    That is not quite the answer. When I send the Bookmark to someone else ... I would like it in the short format of "XYZ Spreadsheet" instead of the long official address. I cannot figure out how to do that on Safari.

    2 years ago

    Stuart: You didn't mention sending the link to someone else in the original question, sorry, so I had no idea that you meant that.
    It sounds like what you want is a URL shortener, like
    The URL still has to be a URL, with http at the start and a TLD (.com) at the end. Otherwise there is no way for a browser to know what to do with it. But it can be shorter.

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