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How Do I Create Address Labels In Numbers?

I have the latest version of Pages and Numbers but cannot figure out how to create a document that will print address labels like I could from Appleworks. I want to get this done before I need to print my Christmas Cards.
I have a new imac and am running El Capitan.
Paula J.

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    7 years ago

    Appleworks -- haven't heard a mention that in a while. Last version was 12 years ago.
    Pages and Numbers aren't the right tools for that job. There are apps specifically designed for address label printing for those of us still sending out physical mail. Search in the Mac App Store for "address labels" and many come up.
    You definitely could build your own special page layout in Pages for labels and then copy and paste addresses into them to make it work. But you will save a lot of time and probably get a better result with an address label printing app.
    Better yet, you can use your Mac's Contacts app for this. Just create a group for the addresses you want to print, then File, Print, and select "style" of "mailing labels." You can even then choose form a huge variety of Avery label formats.
    You can also print envelopes from Contacts if you select that style. So you can skip the labels and print directly on the envelopes.

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