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How Do I Create an Additional Email Address On My Apple Account?

How can I create an additional iCloud email address to my Apple account

Currently using Gmail for my email I have one address for myself and one for my wife. I am considering moving to iCloud for my email and would like to have the same set up. I know about the alias option but don’t know if mail could be set up on my devices to get my emails eg on mine and my wife to get her emails eg on hers.
David Wright

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    2 years ago

    You would simply set up one iCloud account (Apple ID) for yourself and a separate iCloud account for your wife. You would have two separate accounts. An alias would mean the email would all pour into one single account. Every individual person should have their own iCloud account.

    You should also each have your own computer user account on the Mac. So you log into your Mac account, which is in turn set up with your Apple ID, and she logs into her Mac account which is set up with her Apple ID. You can then each have your own documents, settings, etc. It is like having two Macs on one computer.

    You can then share things like having shared Calendars you can both add to, shared Reminders lists, etc. You can set up your two Apple IDs to be on a single Family Sharing account so you can share apps, music and other things you purchase too.

    Fast User Switching on the Mac means you can switch between your account and hers quickly and even while you are right in the middle of doing something.


    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary
    I have set up an email in iCloud and it is working however my Apple ID as not changed in the preferences as I thought it would. Is there something that I should do; will it happen automatically or have I misunderstood what should happen?

    2 years ago

    David: Hard to say as I can't see what you did. Are you sure you changed your Apple ID email and not just created an iCloud email account? Maybe you should call Apple for direct one-to-one support to go over everything.

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