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How Do I Customize Organize Table?

I am using filter and organize both at the same time. like i have a table and columns are :-
so i am organizing it by PAYMENT Status and then TITLE . .
then i added a filter for PAYMENT STATUS to show only Pending, Invoice Sent, Received etc. but not to show which row has PAID status.
but when it works perfectly but only problem is it is showing Headers for Organize Key (like here PAID and TITLES) which is already hide by filters
so how can i set the table which value is hidden or filtered should not show in Organize table.

Here when Filter On (to hide only Paid Status)

I hope this images will help you…. i want to explain you this once again….. i want to know how to hide that rows(headers for Organize table in black) appearing which has Paid status when data is filtered ..

Building a App based in Numbers

Device: Mac Running Big Sur

App: Numbers
Kailash Purohit

Comments: 3 Responses to “How Do I Customize Organize Table?”

    3 years ago

    So you are using Categories to organize your table, and you don't want to see the columns that you are using as Categories?

    Just hide those columns then. You can click on the column top and choose Hide to hide the columns you don't want to see.

    Kailash Purohit
    3 years ago

    Thank you very much for your response ... actually i had problem with rows (not column) .. the rows was appearing in black under PAID... actually that PAID value is filtered and ask Numbers to hide when it is PAID... but thank you very much for your guidance for this and all the past one.... i am still improving this and will have lot of questions..definitely will ask you :)
    and i found the solution for this (not really) .. just collapse the PAID rows :D

    3 years ago

    Kailash: Those special rows are part of the Category feature in Numbers. If you'd rather not see them, then don't use the Category feature. Instead, just sort your table as you like. So in this case you'd sort by Status and Title, instead of setting those as Categories. Or, you could put one as a Category and the other as the Sort By setting.

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