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How Do I Customize the Sidebar In Finder On My MacBook Pro?

I accidentally deleted some of the folders that were under the iCloud listing at the top of my sidebar. How do I get them back? I have tried the steps listed on the web for customizing the sidebar, but the folder will not drag and drop into the sidebar. What am I doing wrong?

I use the sidebar all the time to access important folders on a daily and weekly basis so I don’t have to search and find them in their location on my Mac
Bruce Anschutz

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    2 years ago

    First, go to Finder, Preferences, Sidebar. Then check the items you want to appear there.

    Next, if you have other things you want to appear, you can drag them to the sidebar. Make sure you drag them to the right place. You can drag any iCloud Drive folder to either Favorites or iCloud Drive. But any local non-iCloud Drive folder can only go under Favorites.

    I have a video on this here:

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