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How Do I Cut Out a Small Section Of a Podcast and Then Paste It Into an Email?

How do I cut out a small section of a podcast and then paste it into an email?

I have a podcast that I want to copy only a small section and send it via email.
Robert Williams

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    3 years ago

    One way would be to open it in QuickTime Player, trim it, and then export it out as a new audio file. QuickTime Player works the same way with audio as it does video.

    You can also do the same thing in GarageBand, but if you have never used GarageBand before, it can be a little intimidating as it is a powerful app.

    Of course I would also urge you to not trim it at all. In most podcast playback environments it is easy to jump to a specific time in the episode. So sent them a real link to the podcast episode, preferably on the site of the actual podcast creator. Then tell the person that you'd like them to check out the segment starting at 5:31 or whatever.

    This would be better for a number of reasons, including avoiding legal copyright issues (you won't be copy and redistributing copyrighted content) and giving the person your are corresponding with the chance to listen to more of the episode or even subscribe to the show if they like it.

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