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How Do I Decrease the Resolution On iMac OS X 10.7.4?

How do I decrease the resolution on iMac OS X 10.7.4?
I can barely read the basic type size 1920 x 1200, and the only other option in Preferences/Display is 960/600 (awful).
John Argue

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    11 years ago

    So an iMac uses an LCD screen. That means that each pixel is actually one pixel -- one square of light. If you have a 1920x1200 screen, that means you have 1920x1200 squares of light. You can't change that with a setting, as you can imagine. You can choose 960x600 which would make a group of 4 pixels = 1 pixel. But anything in between would divide up the pixels between squares in such a way that would make things blurry. A red pixel next to a black pixel would mean the pixel in between would be some color in between.
    So if your problem is text size, there are other, better ways to handle it.
    You can increase the type size a number of ways. See episode 580:

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    I have just watched your video via your link. Yes i do what you said. The optician made me a pair of glasses for the computer(not reading glasses) I find on some sites, yes everything zooms in,but on other`s it`s just the text and not the picture.
    I assume this is to stop you from using your mouse,and right click to download the image,because it`s copy write picture.They forgot one thing,you can take a screen shot.

    Lauren Green
    11 years ago

    The point is not that a scientific explanation of the principles behind an LCD screen is needed, Mr. Rosenzweig. Or that some workaround is the solution. The point is that (as I have just experienced and am now googling to see what's up) before the update everything on the screen was just a bit larger and there were multiple choices of resolution in the preferences. Now with 10.7.4 everything is smaller and and there are but two resolution options, one readable but smaller and one overly huge and blurry. Our screens are exactly the same screens as they were before the update. It has nothing to do with pixels and screen size. The question is what did Apple do to affect the resolution choices and why can we now not do anything about it?

      11 years ago

      That wasn't what John asked. He doesn't mention that there were more choices on his Mac before. Perhaps your situation is different? I'm not aware of any change to the list of resolutions during a recent update. Perhaps call Apple for support on that and see what they say.
      I'm sorry that you don't find my explanations useful. But that's what I try do when I answer questions. I like to explain things to help people understand.

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