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How Do I Delete Numbers From iMessage When the Contacts Have Been Deleted?

I want to get rid of all the old numbers off of imessage. I deleted them out of the phone and off of my contact list on my computer but still when I go to create a new convo in imessage there name on my computer will still appear as an option. Even after being deleted from contacts on my phone and computer. What am i doing wrong??I just want them out of my computer

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    3 years ago

    These contacts autofill from the Contacts app, but also from conversations still listed. If you look through your conversations on your Mac, do you see an old conversation with that name/address/number? I suppose even a group conversation would count.

    I find that if the name/address/number are not in my contacts, and I delete the last instance of it in the conversation list on all of my devices, then it doesn’t reappear. But it is easy to overlook an old conversation way down in the list that includes that person. The Search field at the top of Messages can be used to find old conversations that are still around.

    Also, if you have a conversation still on your iPhone or any other device that is still using your iCloud account, such as an iPad or second Mac, then it could pull the name from there.

    Are you using macOS High Sierra? The latest iOS 11?

    3 years ago

    Just a hunch… in Mail’s ‘Window’ menu, click ‘Previous Recipients’ and see what you find. Seems I had similar issues some years back & found the solution within. Good Luck!

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